We are working on something special

A new website is coming. We approached it the same way we approach our spaces – by thoughtfully considering the intentions of the users, and developing a product that answers their needs seamlessly. Stay tuned for the big announcement. 

In the meantime if you need to get in touch with us, please use the contact form below.

A little bit about ourselves

Nuage started with the mission to elevate travel. We do that by finding the most interesting locations each city has to offer and discovering spaces that make every guests’ trip better. We work with designers to curate interiors that will not act as just shelters, but rather be a collection of stories waiting to be explored. From the avant-garde art on the wall, through locally sourced furniture, to the new type of coffee you will find in the kitchen, we make design-driven decisions to awaken curiosity in our guests. 

Let's build something great together

Our work would not be possible without our partners. We work closely with real estate and property management groups to source incredible spaces. We build relationships with local artists and designers to help bring the best of their talent to an audience that listens. We discover brands that have stories to tell and share them with our guests. We are always looking for great partners, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

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