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Beautifully designed

Our designers start by asking how to tell the story of each space. Like conductors in an orchestra, they use furniture, art, and decor, to create a concept that carefully balances what is important to you, with a story worth hearing.

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Thoughtfully functional

Function is a measure of how well our spaces answer your needs. Whether it’s being perfectly located to explore a new city, or having a beautiful view to relax to. We think carefully about how each space can give you options, not limit them.

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Unconventionally interesting

We believe every trip should be an introduction to something new. We work with carefully selected partners to share with you, products and services we truly believe in. Ultimately transforming each space into a hub of new stories, waiting to be explored.

A little bit about ourselves

Nuage started with the mission to elevate travel. We do that by finding the most interesting locations each city has to offer and discovering spaces that make every guests’ trip better. We work with designers to curate interiors that will not act as just shelters, but rather be a collection of stories waiting to be explored. From the avant-garde art on the wall, through locally sourced furniture, to the new type of coffee you will find in the kitchen, we make design-driven decisions to awaken curiosity in our guests. Finally, we make our spaces available for rent through a number of websites, and soon our own as well.


Our philosophy

We began with a profound belief that good design can improve every trip. We couldn’t stand the world of indistinguishable hotel rooms and never felt quite comfortable staying in someone else’s home, so we created something different. A new place, where deep empathy for the guest combined with thoughtful design, result in a transformative experience. It’s an always evolving process, never quite finished, but one that always pushes the definition of what it means to “stay”.

Partners we can get behind

Elevating travel extends beyond our physical spaces. We carefully look for local brands and individuals who have truly mastered their craft, and did so in a way that aligns with our values. Their work inspires us, and we share it with you for the same reason — to explore new ideas and challenge our beliefs.

Nuage Stays


The most European city outside of Europe, known for its lively summers and world-class food scene. With truly unique spaces ranging from penthouses in beautiful Old Port, to Downtown lofts, this is where Nuage was born.



Food, beaches, and never ending summer, Miami is the East Coast capital of the South. Each space in Miami is a true hidden gem, designed carefully to leverage everything we have learned about hospitality to date.

Contact us

Feel free to get in touch with us, we’re always looking to meet great people.